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Most Popular iPhone and Android Hiking Apps

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Most Popular iPhone and Android Hiking Apps

In today’s world of fast growing technology, there are a wide variety of new tools that are available for the avid hiker. Before you start out on any hiking adventures taking the time to map out a route and gather your hiking gear is always a good idea, and what better way than on your electronic devices. With so many applications out there we have gathered the top rated hiking apps for iPhones and Android users.

  1. AllTrails

This app is free to both iPhone and Android users. It has over 50,000 tails that are located in across the United States and Canada as well. This app allows you to create your own trails. AllTrails offers GPS tracking and offers you the ability to take photos and texts. This allows you to be to able to share your adventures with others across multiple social media sites. AllTrails also offers multiple ways to search for trails, like based on your location. There is a yearly membership that costs fifty dollars, which will give you access to the pro version. This pro version gives you access to the National Geographic Maps and grants you the ability to print and edit the maps.

  1. MapMyHike GPS Hiking

MapMyHike is available on both iPhones and Androids and is currently a free application. This one is a combination of hiking and weight loss apps. You are able to map out hiking trails and can also view the most used traveled paths. It also allows you to be able to log your food, tracks caloric intake, and also is able to sync a wearable device to the app. MapMyHike will also track the duration, distance, and elevation of your hiking adventures. A personal training plan and heart rate analysis are available for $5.99 a month or $29.99 a year.


  1. Ramblr

With versions available for iPhone and Android this app is free on both. It is not your everyday hiking app, but also comes with the ability to document and journal about everything. Ramblr will archive everything from; your routes, distance that you have traveled, and your average speed. There is also an option for you to be able to record videos, take pictures, and add texts, all of which will allow you to be able to relive your greatest hiking moments. This app also lets you upload and share your journey with other Ramblr users.

  1. Cairn

This app is for the very safety conscious. It is currently only available on iPhones, and it is free. Cairn does two different things, the first thing it does is crowdsources information on where you are able to get a mobile signal, which will also log your location. The second thing it does is to allow you the ability to leave a trip plan with your friends and family. It will also track your progress and if you are overdue it will alert your selected contacts with a map of your location.


This application will add a fun aspect to your hikes. For those that do not know, Geocaching is like a modern day treasure hunt. People will hide small items or tokens, called cache, and then will post the cache’s GPS coordinates for other people to find, and once they are found that person will leave a small item or token in its place. With over 2 million active geocaches across the world, this is a growing game. has a searchable database of geocaches that ranges from beginners to the more advanced.

5 Reasons Why You Should Tour Romania

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With every destination you visit, you gain a little bit of experience, you expand your knowledge about the world, and you engage in most amazing adventures. There are numerous reasons why a lot of people are hooked on travelling. Not only that is travelling is tremendously fun, but it is also an experience that cannot be replaced with anything else.

In addition to that, if you have never visited Romania, there are certainly numerous reasons why you should. If you are wondering whether you should tour Romania, these five reasons will definitely make you back your bags right away.

  1. Great LandscapesRomanian-landscape2-1024x678

Romania has the most amazing landscapes that you will ever witness to see. In order to experience the beauty of the nature that Romania has, it is necessary that you visit and have an amazing tour across Romania. Not only that you will visit great natural beauties, but you will also in rich your experience, and have a great conversational topic.

  1. Rich History

In addition to that, Romania has rich history, and you could definitely tour Romania for some history lessons you are deprived of. In addition to that, Romania is filled with mediaeval castles, therefore if you would ever to tour Romania you will definitely have the most amazing experience. Not only that you will learn a lot touring Romania, but you will also visit many places that can only be found in one’s imagination.


  1. Amazing People

In addition to that, Romania is populated with amazing people who are incredibly hospitable and friendly. Not only that, but these people will certainly be friendly with foreigners, and will offer to show you some local hospitality. If you want to meet these amazing people make sure you pack your bags and tour Romania as soon as possible. In addition to that, in many remote villages you will find amazing people who are willing to accommodate you and tell you more about their culture.

  1. Romanian Cultural Heritage

Learning more about a certain culture is certainly more easily done if you in worse yourself in the said culture. If you want to learn more about Romanian history, culture and heritage, make sure that you tour Romania. In addition to that, not only that Romanian cultural heritage is rich with myths and folklore, but you will also expand your worldview and your experience if you decide to tour Romania and learn more about their cultural heritage.

  • restaurante_cluj

Delicious Cuisine


One of the main reasons why people are hooked on to touring across different cultures, countries and continents, is precisely the fact that they can try out all this amazing food. If you want to delight in eating all sorts of Romanian specialties, you will have to travel across Romania because the tastiest specialties are usually prepared in remote villages that oppose global changes. This is certainly the tastiest reason why you should travel across Romania.

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